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Injection Molding of Aluminum Die Cast Products now Available Realizes innovative good quality product range, work environment and safety

V-LINE® Direct Casting

This machine consists of a ground-breaking structure in which the precision molding technology cultivated in the V-LINE® without a melting furnace and holding furnace was applied to aluminum.
Greatly expands the high quality range of die cast products.

Supports Extensive Needs from Thin to Thick Products

Since a direct nozzle performs the injection close to the product, thin and complicated shapes can be molded with a sufficient molten flow in the mold at low injection speeds.
The direct pressure transferred to the molten bath at a holding pressure, also enables molding of high quality and thick products without internal defects.

Improves Work Environment and Safety

The supplied billet alloy material is melted in a cylinder at a fixed quantity without using a melting furnace and retaining path, which ensures a high level of safety. The work environment can also be improved greatly, as no pumping of aluminum is required when the machine is stopped at the end of work.


Clamping system Locking Direct Pressure
Max. clamping force (kN) 4410
Tie bar distance W×L (mm) 820 x 820
Platen Dimensions WxL (mm) 1140 x 1140
Open daylight
(Min. mold thickness + Max. stroke) (mm)
Min. mold thickness /
Max. mold thickness (mm)
340 / 900
Max. injection pressure (MPa) 50 | 40
Theoretical injection volume (cm3) 31808 | 33929
Injection rate (cm3/s) 31808 | 33929
Max. injection speed (mm/s) 5000 | 3000
Machine size L×W×H (mm) 9750 x 1965 x 2386
Machine weight (kg) 22000
Mold Clamping Force Classification 200-499
Drive system Electric Hybrid
Ar Material Diameter(mm) 50 | 40

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