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Broadly expands the range of the precision molding items field, including precision, electronics, optics, and medical instruments V-LINE® high response injection model

Stable molding by V–LINE®

Equipped with the unique V-LINE® which realizes accurate plastic injection with high repeatability. Fills the mold with a constant amount of resin during injection without backflow, by an accurate weighing mechanism and simple & rational backflow prevention mechanism.

Equipped with LIM dedicated unit

The V-LINE® is designed only for thermosetting, and supports each of the thermosetting resins from super-low viscosity to high viscosity. The resin flow path of each part is designed shorter so that it can be disassembled more easily, which provides excellent maintainability.

Electric hybrid direct pressure mold clamping

Combined with an open/close mold clamping mechanism that realizes accurate position control by an electronic system, and a mold clamping mechanism that performs constant mold clamping by a hydraulic system. Particularly, since the mold clamping force is distributed uniformly by a hydraulic cylinder, the mold is clamped uniformly which realizes high precision molding.


Clamping System Locking Direct Pressure
Max. Clamping Force (kN) 294 [392 Optional]
Tie Bar Distance WxL (mm) 310 x 310
Platen Dimensions WxL (mm) 440 x 440
Open Daylight (Min. Mold Thickness + Max Stroke) (mm) 550
Min Mold Thickness / Max Mmold Thickness (mm) 150 / 360
Platicization and Injection System Screw Pre-plasticizing
Screw Diameter (mm) 14 | 18 | 22
Plunger Diameter (mm) 12 | 16 | 22
Max Injection Pressure (Mpa) 288 | 262 | 260
Theoretical Injection Volume (cm³) 4.5 | 14.1 | 27
Injection Rate (cm³/s) 146 | 160 | 190
Max Injection Speed (mm/s) 1300 | 800 | 500
Plasticating Capacity (Kg/h) 4.0 | 7.0 | 14.0
Machine Dimension (mm) 3150 x 1030 x 1679
Machine Weight (Kg) 2000
Mold Clamping Force Classification 20-99
Drive System Electric Hybrid

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