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Broadly expands the range of the precision molding items field, including precision, electronics, optics, and medical instruments V-LINE® high response injection model.

V-LINE® LDDV Equipped Machine

The overwhelming hydraulic power realized by adopting the LDDV (Linear Direct Drive Valve) for the injection control valve, which demonstrates impressive precision measurements and high responsiveness by the independently developed V-LINE® that has been achieving advanced precision and stable molding with accuracy and repeatability, expands the molding range of small precision components.

Overwhelming Injection Acceleration/Deceleration Speed

The low inertia plunger and LDDV realized the industry’s highest level injection acceleration of 15G (with a P12 plunger diameter). The independently developed controller also demonstrates optimal and complete control of the injection plunger.

Outstanding Injection Performance

This machine responds to the various demands in the molding of small precision components, where the molding difficulty is continuously increasing more than ever, such as further reductions in the thickness and weight, increases in extreme changes in the dimensions and shapes with excellent injection performance, including quick acceleration, injection followability, and sharp braking.


Clamping System Direct Pressure
Max. Clamping Force (kN) 98
Tie Bar Distance WxL (mm) 170 x 170
Platen Dimensions WxL (mm) 300×315
Open Daylight (Min. Mold Thickness + Max Stroke) (mm) 300
Min Mold Thickness / Max Mmold Thickness (mm) 120
Platicization and Injection System Screw Pre-plasticizing
Screw Diameter (mm) 14 | 18
Plunger Diameter (mm) 8 | 12
Max Injection Pressure (Mpa) 197 | 288
Theoretical Injection Volume (cm³) 2 | 4.5
Injection Rate (cm³/s) 75 | 146
Max Injection Speed (mm/s) 1500 | 1300
Plasticating Capacity (Kg/h) 3.3 | 6.5
Machine Dimension (mm) 2000 x 650 x 1504
Machine Weight (Kg) 1000
Mold Clamping Force Classification 1-19
Drive System Electric Hybrid

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