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Electric V-LINE ®

The injection and plasticizing apparatus using the V-LINE® system, with characteristics that ensure precise reproducibility, is now powered by a servomotor. Measurements and positioning data for the injection locations are controlled in a closed loop to improve the precision of positioning, achieving remarkably stable repetitions of the plasticizing, measuring, and injection cycle. The line of injection units with plungers of 28 mm and 40 mm in diameters include models that emphasize speed and models that emphasize pressure, allowing you to choose the unit that best suits the molded product type.

Electric Clamping Action

With the servo motor drive and adoption of the mold clamping device by the original toggle link mechanism shortened the mold opening and closing cycle. The movable platen is supported by a linear guide to improve the stability of the mold orientation. The power design for these products significantly reduces power usage while contributing to quieter operation.

Operation Panel Focused on Intuition

Offering selector type switches, the control panel has been developed especially for the MS100. The ability to move the switches in the same direction in which you want each unit to move results in a more intuitive operating experience and helps simplify molding operations.


Clamping system Double Toggle
Max. clamping force (kN) 980
Tie bar distance W×L (mm) 460 x 420
Platen Dimensions W×L (mm) 640 x 610
Open daylight
(Min. mold thickness + Max. stroke) (mm)
Min. mold thickness /
Max. mold thickness (mm)
200 / 450
Plasticization and Injection System Screw Pre-plasticizing
Screw diameter (mm) 28 | 32 | 40 | 40
Plunger diameter (mm) 28 | 40
Max. injection pressure (MPa) 215 | 285 | 160 | 215
Theoretical injection volume (cm3) 98.5 | 251.3
Injection rate (cm3/s) 246 | 185 | 339 | 251
Max. injection speed (mm/s) 400 | 300 | 270 | 200
Plasticating capacity (kg/h) 35 | 24 | 45 | 30 | 85 | 60 | 85 | 60
Machine size L×W×H (mm) 4090 x 1215 x 2084
Machine weight (kg) 4600
Mold Clamping Force Classification 100-199
Drive system electric

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