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V-LINE® Electric Hybrid

The features of the medium sized electric hybrid machine are the integrated V-LINE® and direct pressure mold clamping developed in-house, which realizes high precision and stable molding with accurate and high repeatability.

Wide Platens

Adopted wide platens where the internal area of the tie bars is 30% more than a conventional machine. The widened space between the tie bars where the mold is inserted supports a larger size of the molding.

Space-saving & Energy-saving Design

The V-LINE® and direct pressure mold clamping allows the setting of the width and length of the molding machine to a smaller size, which greatly reduces the space occupied by the molding machine. The highly efficient servo pump also improves the energy-saving performance.


Clamping system Locking Direct Pressure
Max. clamping force (kN) 2156
Tie bar distance W×L (mm) 660 x 610
Platen Dimensions W×L (mm) 780 x 730
Open daylight
(Min. mold thickness + Max. stroke) (mm)
Min. mold thickness /
Max. mold thickness (mm)
300 / 650
Plasticization and Injection System Screw Pre-plasticizing
Screw diameter (mm) 50
Plunger diameter (mm) 50
Max. injection pressure (MPa) 219.5
Theoretical injection volume (cm3) 392
Injection rate (cm3/s) 589
Max. injection speed (mm/s) 300
Plasticating capacity (kg/h) 100
Machine size L×W×H (mm) 8000
Machine weight (kg) 4600
Mold Clamping Force Classification 200-499
Drive system Electric Hybrid

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