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No screw drive system

The no screw drive system, which uses a linear motor and linear scale, is the ideal drive method which maintains high-speed and high response semi-permanently. The initial positioning accuracy can be maintained for years and years; machine operators will everlastingly enjoy the remarkably reliable machining performance.

New power supply unit

The new power supply unit employs “Perfect Active Control” technology. It realizes high-speed processing of discharge control and motion control simultaneously. The “Heart-NC”, automatic programming system, is installed standard which allows machining program procedure without experience.


The VL series are equipped with many advantageous functions as standard; such as, the advanced corner control
system, automatic float control, new high quality surface finish circuit, and more. Moreover, Sodick’s in-house made superior ceramics are adopted standard for precision machining.


Dimensions in Machining Tank (WxD) (mm) 1040×780
X Axis Travel (mm) 600
Y Axis Travel (mm) 400
Z Axis Travel (mm) 270
U-Axis x V Axis Travel (mm) 80 x 80
Max Taper Angle ±15° (Plate Thickness 120mm)
Max Workpiece Size (WxDxH) (mm) 990x670x265 (during flushing machining)
990x670x250 (during submerged machining)
Max Workpiece Weight (kg) 850 (during flushing machining)
700 (during submerged machining)
Wire Electrode Diameter (mm) Ø0.10 – Ø0.30
Wire Tension 3-23N
Maximum Wire Feed rate 420mm/sec
Distance from Floor to Table Top (mm) 930
Machine Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 2620x2605x2080
Machine Wieght (Including P/S) (kg) 3040

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